8 Shades of Gel Finish

This May, Avon brings to you an exciting brochure for all you Nail Art people! (See post on Hot Nail Art Trends by Avon).

They’ve also put together 8 amazingly NEW shades of the Gel Finish Nail Enamel 10ml.



If you are interested in any of these shades from this range then let me know 😉

Regular Price is R99.95.

Brochure offer will be R99 for ANY 2!



Simply Asia’s Songkran Special

What a great special and even greater initiative!


Simply Asia is running a Songkran Special at their outlets from 13 April 2015 – 15 May 2015 every Monday to Wednesday only.

Visit your nearest Simply Asia branch, order a sit-down meal ranging from 504-536 (chicken only) and get another absolutely FREE!

If you’re not keen on the sit-down option, you can still enjoy this special on takeaway at 25% off the cheaper of the two noodle dishes! Still a bargain if you’re a asian or thai food lover.

And the best part of this initiative, for every Songkran Special sold, Simply Asia will donate a meal to feed a hungry child via the Lunchbox Fund!

What you waiting for? Go get that special!


Hot Nail Art Trends by Avon

I’ve always been fascinated by colourful nails, deep rich tones in autumn and winter, pastels in spring and the brighter the better for those hot summer days!

Now you can have fun and create countless different nail art looks with clever tools and nail enamels from Avon💅


With the Avon Fan Nail Brush you can create this funky look in just two easy steps.



Creating an Ombre nail look has never been easier with the Sponge Stamp by Avon.



And then there are the nail enamels to suit occasion.

Be chic and sophisticated with Avon Magic Effects Matte.


Add a touch of sparkle and be the Belle of the Ball with Avon Magic Effects Diamond Shatter.


Stand out and create a 3D Effect with Avon Magic Effects Fringe.


Remember,  I am an Avon Representative based in Southern Suburbs, Cape Town. So if you are interested, I’ll hook you up 😉


About Rooibos & Honey

About a week ago, my daughter seemed to be coming down with a slight cold and complained about a sore throat. I remember that day being quite hot and on such days, who wants to be told to drink a warm beverage or ingest anything warm for that matter?

Luckily my so called porridge brain only steps in every now and then, so at that moment when my daughter told me about her sore throat, I immediately reacted to it and thought of making her some Rooibos & Honey ice lollies (popsicles) to soothe and relieve that annoying symptom. I promise to do another post on how I made it, so keep a look out for that post. In the meanwhile I thought I would share the benefits of the main ingredients of those icey cold relievers.



 1. Naturally Caffeine-free: meaning no chemical process to remove the caffeine, anyone can drink it and it can be consumed in unrestricted amounts!

2. High in antioxidants: These antioxidants protects the body by fighting free radicals (unstable cells that attack healthy cells in order to stabilize themselves).

3. Prevents some cancers: There are some studies that have showed the connection between rooibos and the reduction of cancer-causing chemicals.

4. Lowers Blood Pressure and Cholesterol and improves blood circulation.

5. Relieves stomach complaints: The high level of flavanoids which are known to reduce spasm, inflammation, allergens and numerous abdominal ailments.

6. Relieves skin conditions: Acne, psoriasis and eczema can now become a thing of the past!



1. Soothes sore throats and relieves mild coughing.

2. Has antibacterial properties: These properties kills all those nasty germs that cause infections.

3. Excellent immune-booster: helps to ward off those colds.

4. Fantastic natural antiseptic: It inhibits growth of bacteria, keeping wounds clean and free from infection.

5. Hay fever problems? Local honey can reduce hay fever symptoms. The local honey contains minute amounts of pollen found in your area that will not cause or trigger an allergic reaction but they will help to build up your tolerance to the pollen however.

6. With a mild laxative effect, this smooth yet sticky substance can help combat constipation and bloating.

7. Lastly they are rich in probiotics (remember my post on plain yoghurt?), these friendly bacteria will out number the bad ones for sure doing your digestive system a huge favour!

Yep, so that about explains my main reasons why rooibos and honey makes great main ingredients in food products 😉

Yours in good food,

Shafeeqa Xx

Why Plain Yoghurt Is Good For You

Earlier today for lunch I decided to make myself an open-sarmie that consisted of Low GI Seeded Bread topped with some plain yoghurt and mayo, a bed of mixed salad leaves, feta some leftover chicken from the-night-before and a drizzle of freshly squeezed lemon as a dressing. Now as you can imagine,  I thoroughly enjoyed my meal just as much as all the others in this pregnancy but after hearing my mom-in-law ask if I’m seriously going to eat yoghurt on bread – I realised that, I have been downing plain yoghurt with almost everything during this pregnancy of mine. And with that in mind, I too realised that at 20 odd weeks pregnant, I discovered my preggie craving…

                      PLAIN YOGHURT


So I decided to put together my top reasons why plain yoghurt is good for you.

1. Good Bacteria:
Most yoghurt contains live and active cultures = probiotics. These beneficial bugs assist in regulating the digestive system and helps to strengthen ones immune system. 

2. Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals:
Besides being a rich source of calcium,  which we all know is good for strong bones and teeth, yoghurt contains potassium,  phosphorus,  riboflavin,  iodine,  zinc and vitamin B5. Some are even a source of vitamin B12 which is mainly found in meat, this vitamin maintains red blood cells and helps keep your nervous system to function properly. A huge benefit for the vegetarians.

3. Reduces High Blood Pressure:
The potassium in the yoghurt may help by flushing some of the excess sodium out of your body.

4. Cold Buster:
Yoghurt makes stronger and more active T-cells which battles illnesses and infections, helping to keep the sniffles at bay.

5. Helps Them Pearly Whites
Despite the sugar content,  yoghurt does not erode the tooth enamel which is the main cause of tooth decay. The lactic acid appears to give your gums protection as well. The calcium in the yoghurt contributes to healthy and strong teeth.

Until next time,

New Product Alert: August 2013

So its that time again where I (with the help of the Hometesterclub.com) tell you guys about the New Products that you will come across in your favourite grocery store. Have a lokk at this months products, they are:


1. Horlicks is a carefully crafted combination of milk, malted barley and wheat with the classic flavour of Horlicks that tastes great anytime of the day.
A glass of Horlicks is a source of 14 nutrients like Protein, Calcium, Fibre, Zinc, Vitamin A, D, E, B (B1, B3, B5, B6) high in B2 and very high in B7.

This great family drink is available in two flavours – Malt and Chocolate.



2. Love your chewing gum? Stimorol has now a new fruity layered sugar-free gum, Stimorol Sensations.


Fair Cape

3.  Just when you thought tea and yoghurt doesn’t mix, Fair Cape has now come up with a Rooibos flavoured Low-Fat Yoghurt that can be enjoyed anyday, anytime! The yoghurt has been made with cows milk that has not been treated with the rBST hormone ( a synthetic hormone used to increase milk production).


All sorts


4. Find your favourite Liqurice sweet from Allsorts in one 75g bag, yes one bag just filled with that pink centered liquorice!


Hash Brown


5. Oval shaped Potato Hash Browns with a sweet chilli flavour and still crumbed with sweet chilli?? Yes please!


fish cakes

6. I wish I could enjoy this right now, I’ve been craving for some fish a while now since I haven’t eaten them in quite some time. These look geat and I am sure that my daughter would love dipping them in a lemon flavoured or tartar sauce. I& J Chunky Hake Fish Cakes.




7.  I just love these water bottles that make your life so much simpler and easier. Great for when you’re busy working out a sweat at gym. Clover Aquartz Active Mineral Water. Go on, quench that thirst!




8. A firm, strong flavour, mature cheddar with a smooth and creamy texture. Matured up to 6 months and ripened to perfection.




9. Flora Buttery has 70% less saturated fat than butter. Flora Buttery is the tasty, heart healthy alternative for delicious meals. 60% fat spread with buttermilk.


salmon spread

10. As a young kid, I use to love a sandwich spread with some Peck’s Anchovette Spread, but now that theers Smoked Salmon Spread…say no more!




11. Danone YogiSip is now available in Strawberry Superfruit flavour. It is filling, convenient, a source of Vitamin B1, B6, B12, Folic Acid and Biotin.


beacon choc


12. Get 20% extra chocolate for free on selected Beacon Chocolate Slabs.


organice tea


13. Carmien Organically grown Kiddies Rooibos is specially selected for a natural sweeter taste, and is also soothing and relaxing to help your child sleep well.



14. Bonnita YogoFun flavoured low fat drinking yoghurt is now available in a 1kg pack size. Also available in Strawberry flavour.


Nestle choc


15. Now this one I would really really love to have right now!! Hmmm..I wonder if I shouldn’t pop into Pick ‘n Pay to see if I can get my hands on these babies… Nestle Milkybar with Cookies!! Yum Yum 🙂

New Product Alert: More July 2013 Products


July 2013, is clearly a good month to launch new products! I have so many new products to share with you all and it’s unbelievable how many products are actually launch in the same month or so. Here is what you can expect to see in stores soon…

Ouma Rusks


1. Ouma Rusks has just launched a limited Ginger flavour.




2. Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt Sticks – Yoghurt coated strawberry frozen yoghurt.




3. Try the new look Liqui Fruit Vitality – a convenient user friendly drinking experience.


Clover cheese


4. NEW Clover individually wrapped process cheese slices are preservative free and made with great tasting, excellent quality ingredients. Each slice individually wrapped means convenience and less wastage – which allows for portion control and value for money. Creamy with a smooth texture, a good strength of cheese flavour & balance between sweet & salty gives the product a delicious taste. Whether it’s used on a sandwich, eaten on its own as a quick snack between meals or a treat for the kids, Clover individually wrapped slice cheese is sure to make mealtimes more convenient.


Pakco Curry Made Easy


5.Pakco has been famous for its traditional Indian food since 1948. Nothing is more authentic than the traditional Indian recipes followed by Pakco blenders for generations, to produce the famous Pakco products that we love. Now Pakco have extended its curry range to include these three delicious Curry Made Easy, Cook in Sauces.



6.  The delicious smooth milk chocolate with an aerated centre is now available in a convenient on the go snack size.

Spekko Rice

7. Spekko Basmati Aromatic Indian Rice is 100% Himalayan Rice. 1 cup of uncooked rice = 4 cups of cooked rice and it cooks in 15 – 20mins.

8. Pick n Pay`s Fresh Toffee Flavoured Custard is gelatine free. Enjoy on it`s own or pair it with a dessert as a deliciously smooth pour-over topping! Yum!

Rhodes Fig Jam

9.Enjoy Rhodes Red Fig Jam – only choice grade figs used and this product is now available with an easy-open lid. Super helpful!


10. Definitely something for the kids – South Africa`s original fruity, chewy & fizzy candy is now available in Oros Orange flavour! Hand-held Oros Orange sticks anyone?


11. When enjoying your next cup of coffee, why not try the new Moir`s Coffee Flavoured biscuits with a chocolate filling. Give it a try and let me know how it goes …

Fitch & Leedes Lemonade

12. I love lemonade flavoured beverages. Fitch & Leedes have come up with a new Sparkling Lemon flavoured soft drink.


If any of you have tried any of these new products then let me know. With me fasting in Ramadaan, I don’t have the desire to really try out any of this products but would really like to read up comments about them.

I wonder what new products are up for launch next month? I guess we will just have to wait and see…